Blockade 8lbs
Blockade 8lbs
Blockade 8lbs
Blockade 8lbs
Blockade 8lbs
Blockade 8lbs
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Want to know when to plant Blockade 8lbs based on where you live? Get started by clicking here!

Blockade - The Best Food Plot Screening Product On The Market Today!

Planting Time:
Zone 1: May 1 - June 30
Zone 2: April 15 - July 15
Zone 3: April 1 - July 30
Zone 4: March 1 - August 15
Seeding Rate:

8lbs plants 1/2 acre

Planting Depth:

1/2 inch to 1 inch


We recommend a balanced fertilizer like a 13-13-13 at 250 lbs per acre

Where to plant deer & turkey food plot seed us map

About Blockade:

Tecomate has engineered the best food plot screening product on the market today! Use Blockade to shield your food plots from public roadways and neighboring properties, keeping wandering eyes out and the deer feeling safe within. Also, use it to conceal paths to tree stands, allowing your presence to go undetected. Blockade is made from a select blend of warm season annuals ranging in height, creating a visual and physical blockage from ground level up to 12 ft tall.


Blockade Food Plots Screen Planting Instructions:

  1. Select a sunny site and prepare soil by thoroughly disking/plowing to create a clean level seedbed. Soil temps should be at least 60 degrees and climbing.
  2. For greatest production, soil test then fertilize with a balanced mixture such as 13-13-13 at 250 lbs per acre. Liming is recommended if pH is below 5.8.
  3. Plant with a broadcaster, grain drill, or row crop planter at a rate of 8lbs per 1/2 acre at a depth of about 1/2 to 1 inch. When broadcasting, cover seeds by either dragging or cultipacking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best Around

Blockade is a must for me as of now! Not only does it keep the deer close, it keeps them longer in my area! It is great at helping conceal me as well, which has made for easier and more efficient hunting for me! I swear by this product and I have now got my step father and co-workers buying it for this upcoming season!

Tammy Mills

Awesome product

Awesome product

Works wonderful

Max Duncan
Looks better than any other screening product

Going to use it this summer to shield a portion of my property from a small county road that folks like to ride and look forward deer! Will let you know how it works!!

Planting Guide

Attracting and holding deer on your hunting propertyPLANTING A FOOD PLOT - SUCCESS, ONE STEP AT A TIME

Welcome to the first fork in the road. A lot of folks are planting food plots these days; some are experienced, some are not. At Tecomate, we want to do everything possible to make sure that regardless of your experience you take the right steps to success. If you are a beginner foodplotter or have limited equipment please look at Level 1. If you have planted food plots before and have farming equipment, we recommend reading Level 2 which is at the bottom.

Which Deer Food Plot Level Are You At?

  Level 1: If you have limited equipment, are new to food plot planting or are considering “giving it a try”, follow this path.

  Level 2: If you have access to farming equipment and a basic knowledge of food plot planting, follow this path.

Regional food plot seed products offer best results. 
Tecomate Seed makes product recommendations based specifically on the region where they are best adapted (see planting zone map below). Recognizing that areas of the country differ in environmental conditions is only one piece of the puzzle. Regional Tecomate agronomists are an integral part of the sales effort. 

The Tecomate Zone Map is a valuable tool when planning deer food plots, turkey food plots, and game-bird food plots. Tecomate recommendations are based on extensive research and quantified results in specific zones. Further, each recommended product is regionally blended using seeds that are best suited for the climate and rainfall in that area.

where & when in the USA to plant deer, turkey, and game-bird food plot zone map


produce results that many find simply astounding
tested nationwide

Tecomate seeds have proven body weight increases of 40 pounds or more on mature bucks and gains of up to 30 - 40 inches in antler mass.

Tecomate Seed

Best Plot seed

"the best decision you'll ever make when it comes to growing more and
bigger bucks on your property no matter where you live in the U.S.!"

produce monster results
Tecomate's food plots

Need help deciding which plot seed is best for your climate, area, and unique food plot scenario?
Call (717) 509-2764 or click a link below!



This company is the best. They are always very helpful and they always get my order to me correctly and timely.

Chad Mills

Only use these products if you want to hold and draw the deer off your neighbors property and help keep them healthy

"Awesome products"
Heath Plunkett

I’m not aware of any product that has a higher protein. This is a must have in my opinion.
The deer love it.

"High protein"
Larry Austin

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