Frequently Asked Questions — Deer Food Plot Seed

Deer Food Plot FAQs

Below you'll find answers from the Tecomate food plot experts to the most frequently asked questions we get about deer food plots, along with our recommendations on the best deer food plot seeds to help answer these questions:

When is the best time to plant food plots for deer?

Food plots can be broken down into three different plantings. These are spring, summer, and fall.

  1. Spring planting is for perennial plants such as Champion Chicory or King Ladino White Clover. This time frame is from April to mid-May.
  2. Summer plantings range from May to July, and summer annuals such as Lablab, Lablab Plus, and Horn-Maker Extreme work best around this time.
  3. Fall plantings can range from August to mid-October. You can plant perennials or annuals during this time. Max-Attract and Greenfield are both phenomenal fall planting options. It is also very important to plant when there is rain in the forecast.

What is the best food plot seed for shaded areas?

The best food plot seed for shaded areas would be clovers and high-sugar grasses. Both can be found in Tecomate Shake & Rake

What is the best clover to plant for deer?

White clovers are one of the best clovers for deer because they are not only full of protein, but they also can grow almost anywhere due to them being tolerant to different environmental and soil factors. Red clover is also a phenomenal option as its long root system allows for it to be more drought tolerant where white clover may struggle. Red clover can also push up to 30% protein, allowing for a healthier deer herd and bigger bucks.

What is the best food plot for wet soil?

While nothing can grow if you have long periods of standing water, establishing a good stand of clover is my go-to for damp/wet soils. Clover has a very strong root structure, which tends to be more resilient in wet conditions. Tecomate products such as King Ladino White clover, Rackup Red Clover, Max-Attract, and Monster Mix are a great choice!

What is the best late-season food plot for deer?

Brassicas are an excellent choice for creating the tonnage needed for late season when the deer are taking in as many calories as possible. Tecomate has many different products that contain brassicas, such as Greenfield, Ultra-Forage, Brassica Banquet, and Turbo Turnip, just to name a few. 

What is the best food plot for deer in the fall?

Diversity is key when providing attraction from early fall into the later part of the hunting season. Tecomate Greenfield has a diverse variety of plants, such as cereal grains, annual clovers, winter peas, and brassicas, that all serve a purpose from the early stages of the food plot into the colder late season. 

What is the best clover for deer and turkey?

Clover is king when it comes to producing a food plot that will feed both deer and turkeys all throughout the year. Tecomate Monster Mix contains a couple of different varieties of clover along with chicory and is my personal favorite. Products such as King Ladino White clover and Rackup Red Clover are also very attractive to both deer and turkeys.  

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