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"Tecomate Seed is the best decision you'll ever make when it comes to growing more and bigger bucks on your property no matter where you live in the U.S.!"

Welcome to an exciting place where you'll learn more about the best food plot products available and be guided step-by-step in how to plant, grow and maintain a variety of food plot plantings that will produce and hold more and bigger deer on your hunting property.

Tecomate Seed's key supplier is Barenbrug USA, one of the nation's largest seed producers with research facilities worldwide. The seeds developed for Tecomate are the result of an exhaustive 20-year research project originated by noted deer manager, Dr. Gary Schwarz, and his partner, David Morris, noted author and deer nutrition expert. Schwarz, Morris and a small group of dedicated biologists have worked side-by-side with Barenbrug’s highly trained plant breeders with a single purpose in mind; to produce the most nutritious and palatable food plot plantings available today. Tecomate was formed and launched as a result of the phenomenal results achieved by this highly qualified mix of talent.

Best Food Plot Seed
Tecomate® products are tested nationwide under virtually all soil and weather conditions and consistently produce results that many find simply astounding. Intensely managed Tecomate® properties in all parts of the US have resulted in body weight increases of 40 pounds or more on mature bucks and gains of up to 30 - 40 inches in antler mass.

“By implementing a well thought out food source management program you can increase the quantity, quality and overall health of your deer herd while improving your native habitat and benefiting other wildlife species as well.”
- Ryan Foster Tecomate Wildlife, Biologist

Welcome to the first fork in the road. A lot of folks are planting food plots these days; some are experienced, some are not. At Tecomate, we want to do everything possible to make sure that regardless of your experience you take the right steps to success, so please choose the “path” that best matches your effort and go from there.

  Level 1: If you have limited equipment, are new to food plot planting or are considering “giving it a try”, follow this path.

  Level 2: If you have access to farming equipment and a basic knowledge of food plot planting, follow this path.