Provisions: Part 2 Schooling

It is always pretty awesome to see any kind of wildlife and their young in their native habitat just doing what they do. From the wobbly-legged whitetail fawn to our fuzzy little pesky poults of the wild turkey. Fortunately, I have had the privilege to observe these young critters and their moms in the wild on several occasions. It is so cool how the mamma hen teaches her young about all aspects of life as a turkey. However, the really cool part is the symbolism in how God schools us in many of the same ways. Let us look further in how the teacher turkey instructs her little ones and apply this to the way we learn from our Lord.

The Provision of Schooling

I. The Mother Turkey

A. The Teaching of the Mother’s Voice.
The little poult starts learning his mother’s voice while still in the egg. The mamma hen softly talks to her clutch as she turns them, as she sits on them, and just before she leaves them to go and feed. Then as the little fellows start to hatch out they start talking back to their mother. Once all of her clutch is hatched out the voice lessons increase and before the newborn poults leave their nest they all know their mothers voice. Not just any hen turkey’s voice, but their mother hen’s voice. I have watched groups of hens feeding together with their poults in some open fields on several occasions. There would be 30 to 40 poults running around all mixed up; somewhat like recess at school. Then, one of the hens would make a call and start to walk off and all of her babies would run to her and follow her off into the woods. Amazing! They knew their mother’s voice.

B. The Teaching of the Mother’s Vocabulary.
Once the little ones learn their mother’s voice she starts giving them a vocabulary lesson. Primos would say she teaches them how to “Speak the Language.” It is vital for the poults’ survival that they learn what their mother is teaching them. She teaches them certain calls that mean different things. She teaches them the “danger” call, the “everything is ok” call, the “its time to feed” call, the “its time to go” call, and many other calls that are part of the daily lifestyle of the wild turkey. This language is an amazing language that I have been trying to learn for many years and I still have not perfected it. I have tried to learn this language from many sources; however, the best teacher even for me has been the hen turkey.

II. The Master Teacher

A. The Teaching of the Master’s Voice.
Do you know your Master’s voice? We as God’s children should know His voice like the little poults knew their mothers voice. God no longer speaks to us with an audible voice, but it is a discernible voice. He uses His word, The Bible, to speak to us. He uses other people in our lives to speak to us. He uses everyday circumstances to speak to us and many other methods to speak to us. You see the Holy Spirit uses these things to speak to us. We must be able to have some discernment to know that it is God that is speaking to us through these things.

B. The Teaching of the Master’s Vocabulary.
Just like with the little poults, it is vital to our spiritual survival that we know our Master’s vocabulary. Once we learn to discern His voice, there is more that our Lord wants to teach us. Our vocabulary book, The Bible, tells us everything we need to know about our Lord and about how to live out our lives. It teaches us about the dangers that are ahead of us and as we feed from it we receive the vital nourishment needed for spiritual growth. Furthermore, the more we know about His vocabulary, the more we will listen to His voice, and the closer relationship we will have with Him. This alone offers many benefits to our lives that I don’t have time to mention, all the while glorifying Him.

Learn the Master’s Voice, study the Master’s Vocabulary; you will be amazed all that He has in store for you!!

God Bless and Happy Hunting. And Remember ~ Are ye not MUCH better than they. Matt. 6:26

Posted by Mark Newell

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