Lessons From the Ant

"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise." Proverbs 6:6
* It is amazing the lessons we can learn from animals. Here are a few life lessons that we can learn from the wee little ant. I think we can use these during this New Year, as well as in all of life.
1. Let’s look how ants respond to the Future.
I. The Pondering of the Future
(Outlook for Opportunity)

A. Thinking about the near Future.
B. Thinking about the distant Future.
C. The Sluggard does not think this way
II. The Preparing for the Future
(Organizing the Opportunity)

* In preparing for the future the ant does so early and earnestly.
A. Early: The ant does not wait until the last minute to prepare for winter.
B. Earnestly: The ant’s attitude and work ethic is always good. The ant works hard all day long never
C. Eternal: Have you prepared for your future eternally today?
*The sluggard waits until the last minute to do the work if he even does it at all. He is lazy and his attitude is rotten.

2. Let’s look how ants respond as a Family.

I. Ants Prepare as a Family. (Arrangement)
Example: Food Preparation. The Line. (The column)

Think about how ants team up and spread out looking for food. When they find some they always work together in a long line transporting the food back to the bed.

II. Ants Protect as a Family. (Attack)
Example: The Horde. The swarm. (The cloud)

Think about how ants cover you up when you step into an ant bed. It’s not just one ant it is hundreds. Also, have you noticed that it seems like they wait until lots of ants are on you and then all at once they bit.

III. Ants Plan as a Family. (Assemble)
Example: The Hug. (The cuddle.)

Think about how ants react to a flood or in crossing a river. All of the ants get together and have a massive group hug. They cuddle together with each other making a huge ball of ants as they float across a river.

* The Sluggard does not take care of his family the way the ant does.

3. Let’s look how ants respond to Failure.

I. Their Mind-set never changes.
(Always a Positive “A” attitude)

II. Their Motion never changes.
(Always Actively Working)

III. Their Motivation never changes.
(Always saying “We will never give up”)

Examples of the things I have done to ants:
1. Stomped the ant bed.
2. Drown the ant bed with water.
3. I even poured gas on the bed and lit it with a match and burned them.
4. Used many different types of chemicals.
They always come back stronger and build a bigger bed.

We need to be like the ant and never give up, always working hard no matter what, and always keeping our heads up by having a positive outlook.

This is the way Jesus wants us to live. So consider the ways of the ant and apply its ways to your life today.

God Bless and Happy Hunting.

Posted by Mark Newell

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