The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts - IV

The Girls Keep On "Racking" Up!
Spurred on by Jen’s success, my youngest daughter, Kristin Morris, set her sights on two, yes, two, big basic 8-pointers. One was a clean 8-pointer we had photos of on StealthCam. This buck promised to be one of the most beautiful 8-pointers we had ever seen. The other buck was an ancient old 9-pointer with a drop tine. The problem with this deer was that Kristin had already been after this buck for four years. She figured she had hunted him for over 50 days already. I held out little hope she would kill this deer. Kristin is tenacious to the extreme. I shouldn’t have underestimated her. She killed them both! She just plain outlasted them. I had the pleasure of being with (and filming) her when she shot the clean 162 gross B&C 8-pointer, a dream buck. She worried the Big 9 into submission on her own. He scored an amazing 172. This show will prove what determination can do.

Every year, we have to work through many "possibles" before we find a buck my wife, Debbie, locks on. You see, she doesn’t really care what a buck scores (as long as he’s really BIG); she likes something remarkable ... wide, tall, lots of points and/or, most of all, heavy ... oh yeah, with dark antlers. That’s a tough order to fill, but I knew of a buck from previous years that met most of her criteria. He was BIG, very heavy, exceptionally tall and sported dark chocolate antlers. I had no doubt she would love him ... if we could find him. When we went after him, he had been seen once by one of my guides in a place he had never been seen before. I had no idea when we started out for this buck that the hunt would span almost a month before concluding. The quest included three frustrating encounters in, yes, light too dim for video but just fine for shooting. By the time the buck finally showed in video light, Deb was so wired that she missed, or so we thought.

From that time on, the hunt became arduous. She hunted him hard for days on end without any sign of him. We feared he was dead, or had wised up and quit the country. Then, we had a possible sighting of him by my ranch foreman. Debbie continued her quest. Still nothing. Then, finally, my good friend Marcus Luttrell, the famous Navy SEAL of "Lone Survivor" fame, and I caught a brief glimpse of Deb’s buck late one morning ... and he was definitely wounded. Deb, who was in another area of the ranch after a buck badly injured in a fight (she shot him – a 159 11-pointer), set her jaw and went after the buck with unwavering determination. Just when she was about to be convinced the coyotes had pulled him down, it happened! She got him! What a buck he was – an 11-pointer grossing 177! The celebration began. I don’t how we are going to get Deb’s hunt crammed into a 30-minute show.

More to come on The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts ...

Posted by David Morris

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