Day 3 - Montana November 2008

Day 3 - Overcast and light winds. About 30 degrees.

Went to a new area of the river in the morning and walked and rattled.

Rattled in two bucks and saw about 10 whitetail bucks ... along with about 15 mule deer bucks. A couple of the mulies were very tempting.

Great thing about Montana - can shoot whitetail or mulie. If I see a good mulie, he may usurp my whitetail plans. In relative terms, the mulies I'm seeing are bigger than the whitetails I'm seeing.

Returned to the abandoned house again in the afternoon. Great sit - saw about 30 bucks. Chasing everywhere. Saw many mature bucks but no shooter.

Best in the 140-class.

A big mulie is starting to look good!

Posted by David Morris

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