Mark Newell - Tecomate Associate Wildlife Biologist and Accounts Manager

Mark Newell - Tecomate Associate Wildlife Biologist and Accounts Manager

Mark is a skilled land manager and wildlife biologist from Northeast Mississippi. He is one of Tecomate’s Associate Wildlife Biologists and Accounts Manager for Tecomate Seed. Mark also is the founder/president of Newell Wildlife Services, which does consulting and implementation of wildlife management practices primary across the Southeast. He is also currently the associate pastor of Algoma Baptist Church near Pontotoc, MS.

Mark foraged his skills as a land manager by obtaining a Wildlife Science Degree from Mississippi State University. Those skills were refined during his time at Tara Wildlife (a bow hunting only outfitter near Vicksburg, MS), Timbercraft (a forestry consulting and implementation company near DeKalb, MS), and Bayou Pierre Outfitters (a hunting outfitter near Jackson, MS) where he was biologist, manager, and head guide.

In the summer of 2005 things took a different turn for Mark when the Lord called him into the ministry. He had worked previously for five years part-time as a youth director for two different churches. The Lord then moved him to Northeast Mississippi and to the church he is serving now. During this time he worked as a gunsmith for Richey’s Gun Shop in Pontotoc, MS. Furthermore, since the move he has earned a Theology Degree from a local bible college in Northeast Mississippi. It was also around this time when Newell Wildlife Service’s was born as a means of extra part time work.

Newell Wildlife Service’s has now grown into a regional wide business striving to produce “Healthy Huntable Habitat” for its clients. NWS currently manages or has set up and developed properties all over the Southeastern U.S. Mark’s clients include hunting clubs on timber company lands, private landowners, and private land cooperatives. NWS works with land bases ranging from 50 acres up to around 10,000 acres. Mark’s relationship with Tecomate began at this level becoming a Contract Biologist/Consultant and Prostaff Member.

With all of this he still finds time to spend with his wife of eight years, Emily, and his two daughters, Anna Grace and Emma Kate. Also, for Mark, hunting is still a priority and not a luxury traveling to many counties and states in pursuit of Big Bucks and Long Beards. It is this mix of hunter, manager, biologist, husband, father, and love for the Lord & His great creation that has made Mark the person that he is today.