The Squirreliness of Squirrels

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Have you ever noticed how squirrels are always in a hurry? Maybe it’s just because they think something is about to swoop down and make an evening meal out of them. Maybe it’s because the weather is about to change and they are scurrying about trying to take care of business before the front moves in. Have you ever seen the proverbial high limb act where the squirrel jumps with acrobatic skill only to land on a rotten limb? They can make quite a wallop on the forest floor can’t they?

Squirrels are loud obnoxious little creatures and can be very entertaining. When I was a kid we called them “limb rats.” Squirrels are the clowns of the forests - doing the craziest things simply because it is their nature to be “squirrelly.” Many times at point blank range, they have stared directly into my head net daring me to move. You don’t know if they really are going to jump on your head or just kidding.

They really are comical little creatures and can help hours pass quickly while sitting in a tree stand. Have you ever watched a squirrel run the same pattern over and over again – same log – same stump – same oak tree – same limb on same oak tree, etc. It’s really interesting to watch them energetically dig a hole and then with gentle finesse pat the leaves down around the opening. I have been told squirrels never eat many of those nuts they bury, but manage to plant a lot of oak trees due to their spastic digging. As the sun sets, they scurry once again to their leafy nest or den tree where they curl up in the warmth and security of home. They are perfectly contented to live the life of a squirrel. They seem to simply love life.

I wonder sometimes how we must look running wildly about trying to meet deadlines and appointments. How many days do we run the same rut wondering if there is any benefit to it all? Maybe we feel like the competition is swooping away our business, or our boss is out to get us. Ever felt like you were digging a hole without purpose? Have you ever “climbed out on a limb” thinking it safe only to have it break beneath the weight of betrayal or compromise? Hurts when you hit bottom doesn’t it? Squirrels seem to take it all in stride and hop right back up and off they go. Seems like they know part of hopping out on a limb is occasionally falling off. We are slower to recover from our falls.

After all of our barking, climbing, jumping, and digging –do we find purpose? After the sun sets, do we go home to a hot meal and climb into bed with a clear conscience? A state of satisfaction and contentment in life is extremely rare these days. Statistics tell us most men are not happy with their jobs. It seems this dissatisfaction creates an endless merry-go-round of existence. It’s enough to drive you nuts. Is contentment really that far away? Learn a lesson from the squirrels – they live the life squirrels were created to live. What makes your life worth living? Are you living the life God ordained for you?

Challenge: In all your busyness, do you find purpose? What is your purpose?
Are you contented with life? Are you truly living or merely existing? When you climb into bed each night, are you overcome with stress, problems, and broken relationships? Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep? Talk to God about your answers.

Thoughts: If you don’t get anything else done today, choose to walk with God. He will transform the routine into an adventure! Through God’s grace, even the holes you have dug for yourself can produce fruit.

“I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b)

Posted by Tim E. Miller 

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