Ecclesiastes 3:11: He (God) has also set eternity in their (man’s) heart…
The bull elephant was 12 yards away in 10-foot-tall grass, only the dome of his head visible. Zane, my PH, turned and whispered, “If he smells us, he’s going to charge and try to kill us all!” I tighten the grip on my .416 Rem. Mag. as Zane’s leaned over for a better look down the trail left by the bull, placing the butt of his .500 N.E. double rifle on the ground. I turned back to the elephant and saw his trunk high above the grass searching the wafting breeze. Suddenly, he froze, dropped his trunk, let out a blood-chilling roar…and charged! I remember thinking: Zane is out of play and I have to wait until I can see his eyes to know where to shoot. At 6 steps, his eyes became vaguely visible through the grass. I centered the sights between the orbs and asked God to guide the bullet. He did! The massive bull crashed to the ground just feet in front of me.

Through I had prepared for that moment all my life through countless rounds fired and animals harvested, when all was on the line I turned instinctively to God. This is the natural reaction of almost everybody, religious or not – when in deep distress, fear, pain or sorrow, nearly everybody turns to some “higher power” they somehow know is out there. It’s inherent to all people. Why? Because God set eternity in the hearts of man! In his grace, He gave us a leg up on finding Him. The “feeling,” the “sense” that there’s more than just this life, that’s there’s a “higher spirit”, that’s there a God somewhere out there is in the heart of every person. It takes a conscious decision to deny it; it’s natural to believe it. And now, the Bible reveals the “rest of the story” – Who God is. We can know Him personally through His Son, Jesus, Who lived among us and died for us that we may live forever in His presence! It’s a great idea to get to know Him…before the elephant charges!

Posted by David Morris

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