Standing Out

The following series of devotionals are taken from Dr. Tim Miller’s book, Seasons of Reflection. You can find out more about Tim’s ministry and order the book by visiting

One afternoon while scouting for an evening bow hunt, I noticed a beautiful soybean field surrounded by big timber – definitely an area I wanted to check out further. The September air was crisp and cool and I was delighted to be out on such a beautiful afternoon.

As I entered the edge of the field, I noticed something different standing in the middle of the beans. At such a distance, I could not tell if the object in question was a deer, another person, or some sort of plant. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a fully mature corn stalk. Apparently, the corn seed had germinated voluntarily or was somehow mixed into the bean seeds before planting. At any rate, there were no other stalks present – just this one stalk pridefully reaching into the sky.

The corn stalk had already tasseled and several mature ears of corn were visible. I suppose the nearby cornfields had aided in pollination. The soybeans were rooted in the same soil as the corn. Yet, the corn stood much taller than the rest. The soybeans had fruit in keeping with their kind but the corn stalk bore something totally different. The soybeans looked exactly alike, but the corn stalk stood out like stars in the midnight sky.

I asked God to allow my life to be like that cornstalk – straight, uncompromising, and full of fruit. How many times had I been lost in a sea of people never to stand up and be counted – never to stand up and let my voice be heard or convictions known? How many times had I laughed at the “off color” joke afraid of offending someone if I didn’t take part?

For me, the cornstalk was a clear depiction of a life lived without compromise – an individual not afraid to stand out. I wanted to stand out among the rest displaying the fruit that only God could produce. I wanted to spring forth from the same soil of life as everyone else only to be different in resolve and purpose. I wanted others to notice something different about my life and I would never again be contented with merely blending in with the rest.

Challenge: What about you? Do you stand out? Do you blend in with the crowd or are you different? Are you firmly rooted in Jesus bearing fruit for Him or from the world? Are you living for your purposes or God’s?

Thought: You cannot stand up for Christ unless you are rooted in Christ.

“Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:20)

Posted by Tim E. Miller

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