Obstacles to Grace

Proverbs 3:7 – “Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.”

If God is missing somewhere in your life, you have a problem, and that problem may actually be yourself. You could be getting in the way from enjoying a relationship with God that He provides for you and wants to have with you. I know when He has been missing in my life, it was completely my fault. I was relying too much on my own self, thinking I could do it on my own and not listening to what God wanted me to do. I was being “wise in my own eyes.” I was too busy making a living forgetting to make a life. I was climbing the ladder of success but it was leaned against the wrong building. By doing this I was sinning. I was choosing my own will because I wanted to be in the center of my universe and in control. We all sin in many cunning ways when we rely on our SELF:

• Situations – we are lured by sin by enticing situations.

• Evasion – we intentionally evade doing something we know God wants us to do.

• Laziness – we simply do not make the effort to minister to those in need.

• Factual – we say we didn’t know it was a sin, we plead ignorance.

So is a sinless life possible? Not by ourselves it’s not. Open yourselves up and receive God so He can work within you.

Posted by David Segrest

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