Lessons from a Mom and her Disobedient Young Part IV

The Cost of Disobedience
I Peter 3:20
“…who disobeyed long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through water…”

Here we learn from Peter the importance of simple obedience and the great cost of disobedience. Peter writes about the disobedient people in the days of Noah. Because of the world’s defiance of the Lord, except Noah and his family, a great flood destroyed the earth. Simple obedience of God’s Word would have saved so many lives, including the all flora and fauna.

Lastly in our little story we see the tragic effects of disobedience in our young spotted friend. He was cautioned by his mother, but with one careless act of defiance the fawn was killed. The cost of disobedience was paid with the young deer’s life. However, the disobedience of the fawn did not just affect himself; it affected those around him also. Think about his mother. She probably looked frantically for days until she came to the reality that her first born was dead. Maybe these deer were living in an area where the deer population was very low and this fawn’s death was crucial to the survival of the herd in general.

So many times we do not think about the costs of our actions and decisions. However, when we do think about them we are selfish and think they will only affect us. Remember that the cost of disobedience is very great. It could cost you your life and impact those around you. Are you prepared to pay that high of a price? Remember this, you are bought with a price and all the Lord wants out of you is simple obedience.

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