Keeping Christ in Christmas

Luke 2:16 - And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger.

Have any of y'all ever fed deer out of a trough of some kind? Usually the higher protein and more nutrient feeds work best when fed out of a trough. Also, less feed is waisted from ground exposure and from the outside elements. Troughs are extremely versatile as well because they hold and feed any type of deer food the hunter wants.

No, I am not selling deer feeders, but I would like to inform you that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was laid in a feed trough when He was born. The King of kings and Lord of lords was placed in a lowly manger or feed trough. He deserved a presidential suite, instead of a modest sable. He deserved a royal court yard, instead of a humble barn yard. He deserved a throne, instead He got a trough. You see our Lord did not come to rule and reign over the world. He came to rule and reign over our hearts. Is He your King, your Lord today?

With all of this being said I would like to ask you this during our Christmas season this year, What is in Your Manger (feed trough): a Personal Master or Material Possessions? Christmas today has become so commercialized and materialized that Christ is being pushed out with everything else put in. The sad thing is that Christ is being taken out of Christians as well. Here is a little sermon outline to keep Christ in Christmas this year and Christ in Christian for the rest of life.

Colossians 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on earth.

I. Seek and You Will Find
A. Seeking the world's perspective. (Areas where Satan attacks)
1. Lust of the flesh (desire or hunger for)
2. Materialism (greed) "eye trouble"
3. Pride (arrogance) "I trouble". Self obsession
B. Seeking Christ's perspective. (Areas where the Spirit helps)
1. Self Control
2. Generous Spirit
3. Humble Service
C. Seeking a Christians perspective (Turning life around)
1. Turn your lust and hunger to heavenly things not earthly
2. Be greedy by personally seeking the things of God.
3. Be obsessed with The One on High.

* We need to look at life from God's perspective and seek His desires.
*Jesus' birth was a earthly one, but Jesus' plan was a heavenly one. To live among men and die for there sins. This brought honor and glory to His father. What are you seeking in life?

What will you be seeking this Christmas? Bringing home gifts or giving God glory. We will finish this study and this outline after Christmas. And the next time you fill up your deer trough remember Jesus Is The Miracle, The Magisty, and The Master of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting.

Posted by Mark Newell

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