Matthew 19:26 But Jesus… said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

As a wildlife biologist working across the nation, I am amazed by the quality of deer being produced with sound management practices – from the rocky tops of Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina to the pine hills of Mississippi and Alabama and to all other areas of the country where it was said to be impossible to grow Big Deer. Just this year, a typical 12-point was taken only 20 miles from my house in Northeast Mississippi that netted 180 inches! With a bow! Until this year, even I would have said this was impossible. However, with intensive management (lots of year-round food) and passing up this buck for two years, this guy made the impossible become possible with an unbelievable trophy.

As encouraging as it is to hear stories of 180-inch typicals being harvested in non-big deer areas, one of the most encouraging facts about our Lord is that with Him all things are possible. No matter what problems you are facing, what difficulties you are having, or what storms you may be going through, we serve a God who is much bigger that any situation we may deem “impossible.” A couple of quotes from some old-time preachers always come to mind during these times: “Our God is an infinite God whose specialty is doing the impossible” and “Our God delights in doing the impossible in the lives of His people.” Just this past year alone, I have heard many stories where God intervened and did the impossible. Stories of people with Stage 4 cancer being completely healed, leaving the doctors with no explanation other that it was of God. Stories of people surviving car wreaks that leave investigators with no explanation other that it was of God. Even some simple stories of job opportunities opening up, families being reunited, friendships being restored, and many other impossible circumstances that God made possible. As you go through this New Year, I’m sure you will see the “impossible” happen in some form or fashion. Just remember Who is in the impossible business and can make all things possible.

God Bless and Happy Hunting, Mark Newell

Posted by Mark Newell

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