The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts - VI

A True American Hero Scores Big
On our next hunt, I had the pleasure of sharing my ranch with a true American hero, Marcus Luttrell, the Navy SEAL who was sole survivor of a SEAL mission in Afghanistan to kill or capture a Taliban leader responsible for many deaths. Jeff Foxworthy was also hunting with me at the time, and together, we had a great time of fellowship and a most memorable hunt with Marcus. Marcus showed his incredible long-range hunting skills en route to taking two great old bucks, one a unique 14-pointer grossing 162. It was very interesting seeing Marcus pit his SEAL training and skills against wild and wary whitetails. In the end, Marcus said SEAL training should include going one-on-one up close and in person with whitetails ... because if you can successfully get in close undetected on whitetails you’re ready for the bad guys! This is going to be one of the best shows of the year on The Bucks of Tecomate. What an honor to spend time with somebody who has paid such a high price for our freedom! Regular Americans like me get to pursue our dreams because people like Marcus are willing to do what they do to do to protect us and our freedom! Best of all, Marcus left a FRIEND.

More to come on The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts ...

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