The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts - III

Jen Shoots Our First Boone & Crocket Non-Typical
My daughter, Jennifer Duplissey, was next in front of the camera. A couple of weeks earlier one of my guides had videoed a monster mystery buck we had never seen during the management buck hunts. He was a huge non-typical with a cluster of extra points around his base and brow tines. As my wife and girls so often do, they set about claiming the deer for their own. Jennifer somehow won. Jennifer is one of the best hunters I know, and when Jennifer gets after a buck, he has been seriously "gotten after." We didn’t know much about this deer’s habitats or range, but I figured I would see him soon on the hanging pole. Jen and I hunted him together for a couple of days, but when my Anniversary come along on December 14th (I didn’t know about the Texas rut when I got married nearly 40 years ago!), Jen went after the buck alone. What a hunt it was! She found him, stalked him and shot him ... a 201 3/8 gross B&C non-typical that netted just above the magic 195 mark, making this our first non-typical record buck and our 5th B&C buck shot on the ranch during the past 7 years! (If I had known how big he was, I might not have so easily given in to her claim on the buck.) Jen’s hunt is sure to be a favorite next fall.

More to come on The Bucks of Tecomate 2009 Season Hunts ...

Posted by David Morris

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