Tecomate Rut Report Week 9 – 10/15/12 – ALABAMA

It’s October in Dixie
For those of us in the southeast and in many areas of the country bow season has opened and hunting is in full swing. I have read some great hunting reports throughout the country from fellow bow hunters. It sounds like the season has gotten off to fantastic start for so many. I have also read several reports involving 180+” deer taken in several areas of the country. It’s amazing to me to hear and read about so many giant deer being taken on a regular basis. It goes to show you how good nutrition, age structure and overall Quality Deer Management practices will dramatically improve any deer herd. I am especially thankful for pioneers in the QDM world Tecomate’s David Morris and Gary Schwartz and organizations like QDMA have paved the way in creating an overall plan for better deer management. Without their foresight and vision we may still be applying the old “if it’s brown it’s down” philosophy. Thankfully we have taken their ideas and we are truly in the golden age of deer hunting.

If you hail from the Yellow hammer state, you know October 15th always marks the time when the deer woods become alive. We begin our quest for the nice buck we have been seeing on our Reconyx cameras, thin the doe herd and improve our bow hunting skills. Fall temperatures have been teasing our state for the past couple of weeks and we have been enjoying the cooler temps. We were able to get our Tecomate food plots planted just recently (a little late this year) and we should start seeing some really good growth in each of our plots in a couple of weeks. We have been spending time cleaning our shooting houses and weed eating and raking trails to our stands. The bucks we have caught on our cameras seem to be hanging tight in their bachelor groups still. They should be breaking up in the next week or two. All of the deer have started transitioning from their red summer coats to the darker winter coats. If your season has gotten started, I hope you have been able to enjoy some success. Whether it be by drawing blood or just enjoy spending time in what God has entrusted us – the Great Outdoors. May all of your arrows fly true and all of your shots hit its mark.

Posted by Jason Thompson 

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