Tecomate Rut Report Week 4 – 9/10/12 - ALABAMA

First week of September in Alabama has always been a special time of the year.

First, it marks an “official” opening of hunting season in many states, including the Yellowhammer state. Dove season gives us the perfect opportunity to take younger kids into the field and pass along the heritage and camaraderie of our great sport of hunting. In addition, you can’t find many things with a more flavorful taste than a grilled mourning dove. Secondly, this week marks the beginning of another college football season. The pageantry, passion and the deep-rooted love of college football is a staple in our great nation and it’s especially important throughout the South.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the first week of September marks the beginning of the fall planting season for many. Labor Day weekend is normally a target weekend for most of us who begin planting our fall food plots. Normally it’s when we see the temps begin to drop and allows for those food plots to start greening up for deer season which is only 5-6 weeks away! The temperatures throughout the south have been unseasonably warm, with very little rain in August. However, over Labor Day weekend we were blessed with some much needed rain from Tropical Storm Lee. At our farm in NW Alabama we received over 1.5” on Sunday and over .5” of rain on Labor Day Monday. This is perfect timing for us to be able to get our seed in the ground over the next week. The seeds will love the moisture and will germinate almost immediately at this point. We will be planting a mixture of Tecomate Monster Mix, Tecomate Max Attract, White/Red Clover and Chicory blend. We have been working really hard to establish a nice perennial food plot system on our property and to date, we have had great results over the past two years.

The long range forecast is calling for highs in mid 80’s which is an indication fall is officially upon us. Our focus over the next 2 weeks is to get our seed in the ground, review all of our Reconyx trail cameras and continue to sharpen our shooting skills in preparation for the October 15th and the bow season opener. So, as you enjoy the beginning of a new fall, may your days be filled with dove limits, healthy food plots and the excitement of college football. Is there a better combination throughout the year?

Posted by Jason Thompson 

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