Tecomate Rut Report – MISSISSIPPI – November 5, 2013

Mississippi bucks are starting to feel their oats a little. I saw several rubs and a few scrapes this weekend. However, with the rut over a month away, most bucks are focusing primarily in packing on the weight. With the majority of the row crops being harvested, most of the mature bucks are feeding on an average acorn crop and any nearby food plots at night. I noticed lots of big tracks and rubs in and around my Tecomate food plots. Unfortunately, the only deer I was able to observe this weekend during the day light were several does and a couple of young bucks. The biggest was only a 6 point. However, as I was leaving the farm, an hour or so after dark, two mature bucks crossed in front of me headed to the fields. It seemed as though they were laughing at me. All I can say is when love starts feeling the air and those does keep feeling my Tecomate plots, we will see who gets the last laugh. Until then. God Bless and Happy Hunting.


Posted by Mark Newell 


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