Strut Report - Central Florida - April 7, 2014

You don't know how happy I am to present this report. Gobbling action was strong Saturday morning in a Central Florida near the tree where I sat. I heard 3 different gobblers all of which were very vocal and all seemed to be headed my way shortly after daylight. One great old Osceola gobbled roosting nearby gobbled almost continually, both before and after he pitched down in easy shotgun range. The only problem, of course I was set up with shotgun pointed the wrong direction. I was well hidden and fortunately the gobbler was patient enough to let me contort for the 20 yard shot. Finally I had my 2015 spring gobbler. He has great hooks, around 1.5", and a 10.5" beard. While only weighing in at 16 pounds I am still convinced, by his long sharp spurs, that he is a 4+ year old bird.

All last week I observed gobblers along the highways and back country roads around my home while I traveled for work. Prior to Saturday gobbling action has been thin. Nearly all gobblers that I encountered last week were in the company of hens. Quite few hunters I have spoken with are only hearing gobblers early on the roost locally, with gobbling subsiding soon after fly down.

But it's far from over here. Plenty of time left here! Hoping for some cooler and less humid weather soon.

Good luck hunting!

Be safe!



Posted by David Shashy

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