Rut Report - South Texas 11/25/13

This week in South Texas we have been treated to rare winter-like conditions that are mostly reserved for later in the season. Deep South Texas has been blessed with a tremendous amount of steady light to moderate rain over the last few days. And cold temperatures accompanied by a strong north wind has been steadily blowing across vast expanses of prime big buck turf! We have observed lots of serious pre-rut activity although mostly performed by young and middle aged bucks. A little chasing, a bit of scraping, and some sparring gave been common.

The big guys still seem to be playing it cool and waiting for the real thing that is likely 2-4 weeks away depending on location. Some bucks are responding to rattling. Lots of grunting and warnings from one buck to another during encounters. Scrapes are appearing and an occasional scuffle has broken out between young bucks here in the last few days. All appears to be on schedule on the South Texas Plains. Pre-rut is here in parts of the brush country. Looking forward to all the fun in a few weeks when the big guys get fully involved!

Posted by David Shashy

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