Day 4 - Montana November 2008

Day 4 - Again, overcast, light winds and about 28 degrees.

Back to the new area. Got around behind a bunch of deer out in the fields in hopes of having them pass by on the way back to cover. Worked great.

Saw about a dozen whitetails but no shooters. I did, however, see a great mulie - at 30 yards. Incredible video of him.

In hindsight, should have shot him! Went back in the afternoon after him, but he had crossed the river to other property.

Saw another tall 5x6 mule deer on the way after him that really caught my attention. Went after him.

Ended in a long exciting chase and stalk. Finally caught up with him and put the Sako .270 Winchester Short Mag. to work on a 200-yard shot. A great old (very old) buck.

It was all captured by The Bucks of Tecomate camera. Another incredible hunt in my adopted second home state of Montana and with my friend Bill Perkins!

Posted by David Morris

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