David Morris Hunting - Wyoming Antelope and Colorado Whitetails

Last week I was hunting mule deer on a 15,000-acre ranch northwest of Medicine Bow, WY, with my good friend Jadee Kroeger of Kroeger Country Outfitters out of Casper, WY. I shot a 190-class mule deer with 6 and 7-inch brow tines. Those
are the longest brow tines of any mule deer I’ve ever killed. My .270 WSM Sako A7 Tecomate proved to be accurate at 300 yards.

After that, we had an antelope tag, but did not have a ranch to hunt. After a very active weekend of antelope hunters hunting public land, Jadee and I thought we’d have a tough time locating some antelope to shoot. But on Monday morning, after the crowd cleared and a cold front came through bringing a big snow, I was able to get a 14 ½ inch antelope. I shot him at about 222 yards. I was lucky to get such a nice antelope on public land that had been heavily hunted over the weekend.


Since I finished filming early, Matthew Carman (my cameraman) and I ran up to Bill Perkins Outfitters in Miles City, Montana. I have hunted with Bill many times before and was excited about going after another antelope. We hunted for two days and on the final morning of the hunt Bill put me on a great antelope; he was almost 15 inches and heavy. I shot him at 250 yards. I always have great hunts with Bill and am headed back there in mid-November to hunt whitetails in the rut with him.


So then, Matthew and I drove back down near Kit Carson, CO, to hunt with Aaron Neilson, with Global Hunting Resources, it’s our third year hunting with Aaron and we always have a great time. David Shashy met us there to hunt some whitetails.

The last two years up here we’ve killed bucks over 170. However, this year was probably the toughest due to the severe drought. We saw tons of mature bucks but had a hard time finding something we wanted to shoot. Finally, on the last day
of the hunt, we saw a buck I wanted to take. We chased him for 2 to 3 miles, and I finally got a shot at him running but was able to get him down. He was a 160-class 8-pointer. He certainly would have been one of the best 8’s I’ve ever shot, if he had not had his broken brow tines.


About 2 hours after I shot mine, David Shashy got on a buck that we also chased for 2 to 3 miles. David ended up having a big shootout with him, but he finally got him. He was a 140-class 8-pointer with some broken tines too. Those broken tines are important because of the drought. Their poor antler condition causes their antlers to be brittle and easily broken, we saw that clearly in effect this year, but once again had a great hunt with Aaron Neilson, from Global Hunting Resources.

We’re off next to North Texas, Nebraska, then Montana, and then finally Thanksgiving break.

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