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What Is Food Plot Screening?

Everything You Need to Know About Food Plot Screening

Whitetail hunters all over the country spend countless hours planning, preparing, and planting food plots. Many times, they are pleased with how the plot looks come hunting season. It’s a beautiful-looking plot, and the deer are hammering it. However, some are disappointed when they are hunting over their food plot, and the big mature buck they are after never steps out during daylight hours. So what is stopping that from happening? Security.

Deer are prey animals. They are always being pursued by bobcats, coyotes, hunters, and many other predatory animals. The old mature bucks that we all love to hunt have become old and mature by only going to places in the daylight that they feel safe and secure in. It’s known that deer are slaves to their stomachs. If they feel safe within their food source, they are much more likely to visit it during daylight hours. The way to give your food plot the security it needs to make the deer feel safe within is by utilizing a food plot screening cover.

Food plot screening can be used in many ways to convey the feeling of safety. For example, if your food plot adjoins a larger field, you can plant a strip of the screening along its border so the food plot cannot be seen from the wide open. How many times have you bumped deer out of your food plot when leaving or entering your tree stand or blind? The more you bump them out of that food plot, the less likely they are going to think of that area as a safe spot to feed. You can combat that by using the screening to conceal your blind or tree stand and your entry and exit routes with the tall foliage. This allows you to slip in and out of your hunting area undetected with deer still in the field. Not to mention how great the screens are to deploy along roadways and property lines to keep the wandering eyes out and the deer feeling safe within.

In addition to making the deer feel safe in a field or food plot, screening food plots can also be a great tool to funnel the deer to a specific area. For example, getting deer within bow range may be hard if you have a large multi-acre food plot. A food plot screen strip could be planted ALMOST all the way across the food plot leaving a 20–30 yard gap the deer will most likely cross through. This creates an opportunity to set up at the gap, putting them in range of archery equipment.

The best food plot screen on the market today is Tecomate Blockade. This product is made from a select blend of warm-season annuals that range in height. This creates a thickly layered wall that can reach heights of 12 to 17 feet tall. The layering effect gives Blockade the strength and durability it needs to withstand the harshness of winter better than any other product on the market. To plant Blockade, select your site and make sure it gets plenty of sun. Prepare the soil by disking and creating a level seed bed. Once the ground temperature has consistently reached 60 degrees, you are ready to plant. Apply the seed and lightly drag or cultipack. This product can be planted with a broadcaster spreader or by a seed drill. Check out Blockade food plot screening seed from Tecomate today to take your food plot game to the next level!

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