Tecomate Wildlife Systems, TWA’s Newest Corporate Partner

"TWA is proud to announce its newest corporate partner, Tecomate Wildlife Systems. Based in San Antonio, Texas, and being the leader in food plot based nutritional management for white-tailed deer, current TWA members can receive 10% off select seed blend products," said David Brimager, TWA Director of Marketing and Partner Relations.

How Tecomate began...A revolutionary new management strategy...What was started back in 1993 helped open an exciting new chapter in whitetail management history. Lead by Tecomate, food-plot-based nutritional management was introduced to an eager market and soon the whitetail management scene was literally revolutionized. Managers were introduced to an entirely new strategy that allowed them to take control of management on their property and greatly increase the size and number of their deer in ways never before possible.

Not even Texas was big enough to hold the good news of Tecomate's paradigm-shifting management strategy. Managers all over were clamoring for information about what Tecomate was up to. So, the company took steps to take its message and products to the whole country. That process began when nationally renowned whitetail manager, hunter and author David Morris joined the Tecomate team as the company President.

Morris stated, "We are excited to join forces with TWA. Their commitment to Texas' hunters in conserving our heritage and their continued wildlife conservation efforts, make TWA and their members valuable partners!"

Photo by Hardy Jackson

The Tecomate Food Plot System has ushered in a new era in wildlife management, one in which landowners themselves are empowered to greatly improve their wildlife populations and habitat and increase their hunting success and outdoor enjoyment. The concept is simple: By planting the right plants in the right way, food plots can be used to grow more and bigger bucks; attract and hold deer in a specific area; and relieve pressure on the native habitat so that it actually improves ... to the benefit of all wildlife species! Quality, year-round nutrition is the key to a healthy deer herd and large body and antler size.

And, the beauty of the Tecomate Food Plot System is that you have choices. You can select from a wide menu of management options, from a basic program aimed only at attracting deer to an intensive Tecomate program designed to greatly increase the nutrition available to deer.

Special promotional mixes available to TWA members will include: Monster Mix both 8 & 25 lbs. Bag, Ultra Forage both 9 & 25 lbs. Bag, Supercharger both 7.5 and 25 lbs. Bag, Max-Attract both 20 & 40 lbs. bag, and Greenfield in 20 lbs. Bag.

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