Tecomate Sunn Hemp is an excellent choice for warm season food plot planting and a superior source for antler growing protein. This super fast growing tropical legume can get as tall as 6 feet in only 60 days. This is why this plant has been commonly used for organic soil building, nitrogen fixation, and cover crops. Research has shown that Sunn Hemp is about 28% - 30% protein, which is more than enough to provide bucks the nutrition they need to reach full genetic potential.

When you combine all the qualities of Sunn Hemp you get a phenomenal food plot plant. It is browse resistant due to its super fast growth, it produces tons of tonnage (2.5 tons of green forage per acre), and its high protein production makes Sunn Hemp the forage plant of the future. Tecomate Sunn Hemp has a planting rate of 15 lbs. per acre and comes already inoculated with our Yellow Jacket Seed Coat. Planting times vary depending on location, but typically it is to be planted anytime after the last frost.

Sunn Hemp has a high germination rate and jumps out of the ground quickly and does not slow down until it reaches maturity. We at Tecomate suggest that you clip or mow the Sunn Hemp down to 12 - 18 inches once it reaches four feet tall. Young nutritious shoots, leaves, and buds with explode forth once again for wildlife to enjoy and benefit from. If you are looking for a fast growing, protein producing, and high yielding spring/summer food plot, especially on small acreage, look no further than Tecomate Sunn Hemp.

Posted by Mark Newell

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