Tecomate’s New Horn-Maker Xtreme is the most innovative warm season food plot blend on the market, combining Sunn Hemp with a forage soybean and two of the fastest growing forage cowpeas. Sunn Hemp’s fast growing, high production qualities provide the perfect cover for the beans and peas to establish underneath, making this blend ideal for smaller acreage food plots.

The two varieties of Cowpeas we have selected are extremely high yielding in forage mass with high protein levels and are productive throughout the summer. These forage Cowpeas are generally very tolerant to deer pressure and once established have great re-growth potential. They will also produce seeds in pods in late summer that make excellent dove and turkey food as they dry and shatter. Add to that our Forage Soybeans and you have an unprecedented mix of high forage and extreme protein levels for your deer herd!

Planting rate for our Horn-Maker Xtreme is 22# an acre and can be drilled or broadcast. Planting times vary depending on location, but typically it is to be planted anytime after the last frost (Late March to early July; depending on location). If you are looking for a fast growing, high yielding, and antler building spring/summer food plot, Tecomate’s Horn-Maker Xtreme is the blend you have been waiting for.


Posted by Bowen Slade

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