Tecomate’s tried and true Deer Pea Plus is a proven winner in summer nutrition for your deer herd. This great combination of our two best big-seeded peas along with forage soybeans creates an un-matched base for this nutritious and extremely attractive blend. What really sets this blend apart is the addition of milo/sorghum which helps to shield the peas and beans during the vulnerable first weeks to maximize the plants that reach maturity.

The two varieties of Cowpeas we have selected are extremely high yielding in forage mass with high protein levels and are productive throughout the summer. These forage Cowpeas, including Ebony and Iron and Clay, are generally tolerant to deer pressure and once established have great re-growth potential. Forage Soybeans are also a featured part of Deer Pea Plus, providing much needed protein and fat content for you deer while they grow their antlers.

Planting rate for our Deer Pea Plus is 22# an acre and can be planted using a Plotmaster Seeder or broadcast. Planting times vary depending on location, but typically it is to be planted anytime after the last frost (Late March to early July; depending on location). This blend is an excellent choice, especially in the Southern part of the country as the stands can last well into most bow seasons as a dynamite early fall hunting plot! If you are looking for a fast growing, high yielding, and antler building spring/summer food plot, Tecomate’s Deer Pea Plus is the blend for you.

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