Management Goals & Possibilities

I’ve got a question for you. Can management really improve your hunting? You bet it can! And, one of the best things about management is that it’s like a well-stocked cafeteria, there’s something in it for everyone!

At one end of the spectrum are the simple things, like laying off the trigger on young bucks or taking that doe that’s on your license to help hold numbers down or growing a small food plot on the “Back 40” just to attract deer or putting out a mineral lick.

At the other extreme are the full-blown programs aimed at growing more and bigger bucks. This may include all-out herd management – like aggressively controlling doe numbers, predator control to enhance reproduction and limiting the number of bucks harvested and only taking the right ones at the right age – and an ambitious nutritional program targeted at vastly improving the food supply through natural habitat improvement, food plots and/or supplemental feeding.

In between the extremes lies a full menu of management options, and one or more will suit YOUR needs perfectly.

How much can management improve a deer herd? A bunch! In serious nutritional programs, particularly those built around year-round food plots, we’ve seen deer numbers increase by two or threefold and the average mature buck add as much as 40 pounds and 20 inches of antler! That’s results! And, we’ve seen that kind of results throughout the country…and often on tracts once thought to be too small to manage. We at Tecomate are working closely with managers everywhere and seeing management successes both in terms of deer numbers and size that would have been considered impossible a few years ago. And, it’s being done responsibly while protecting the quality of the natural habitat and fair chase, both essential concerns in management and for true sportsmen. Of course, what’s possible for YOU depends on your land, resources and commitment. But, no matter what your situation, management CAN improve your hunting success and increase your outdoor enjoyment!

Speaking of enjoyment, while management does require some disciple and restraint on the trigger finger, be careful NOT to let overly strict harvest rules take the fun out of hunting, especially for the young or inexperienced. Remember, any deer a hunter is proud of is a “TROPHY” to that person! Keep hunting fun and easy to get into for beginners. The future of hunting, indeed the future of wildlife, depends on the participation of the younger generation in hunting and on us helping them grow in their love, knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors.

Next time, we’re going to explore the true goal of management. You may be surprised to find out that means restoring the herd back closer to its natural state. I’m David Morris. I’ll see you then.

Photo By Hardy Jackson

Posted by David Morris

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