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Best Food Plot Seed For Shady Areas

Do you have a place on your property where you would love to plant a food plot, but it doesn’t get much sunlight?  

Maybe it’s an old logging road or an area near your tree stand in the woods. Maybe you have a spot where you often see deer, but you just need them to come within range of your stand. Low or minimal sunlight can make planting a food plot tricky but far from impossible. Here is what you need to know.
Some food plot forages need ample sunlight to thrive, while others can grow well in tougher conditions. Plants like high-sugar grasses, brassicas, and clover will treat you best in these situations. High-sugar grasses are a must when planting in shaded areas. They thrive in low sunlight conditions and produce lots of tonnage. They also help combat soil erosion in your food plots. Brassicas will do well in the shade, but you should make sure your soil pH is between 6 and 7 for optimal growth. If the soil can provide the nutrients needed to grow, the shade will not hold them back. Clover is one of the easiest food plot seeds to grow in tough conditions. It doesn’t need to be planted very deep, has fast germination, and it does not require much maintenance. It also has lots of protein, which is essential for antler growth and the overall health of your herd.
Tecomate Shake & Rake is an ideal mix for planting in shady areas. This mix contains high-sugar grasses, brassicas, and clover, which allows it to thrive in almost any condition. Shake & Rake is a no-till option, meaning you don’t need big equipment to plant this plot. If you have a place you would love to plant but cannot get any equipment in the area, you are still good to go with Shake & Rake. All you need to do is clear the ground of leaves and vegetation exposing bare soil. This can be done by using a rake or leaf blower. Then, simply broadcast the seed and lightly rake over the food plot area to get good seed-to-soil contact. This mix is fast and easy to plant and allows for food plots where they may not have been possible before. Shake & Rake can take any area on your property and turn it into a hot spot that deer love.

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    Is shake and rake an annual or a perennial

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