Will Your Rifle And Load Keep 50 Shots Inside Of 1 1/2 Inches At 100 Yards?

For Our 2012 "50 Consecutive Shot Test" We Used A Traditions VORTEK

There are actually 51 shots on the above target. The lowest hit on the target was with a round I loaded almost a week earlier, and which I had packed for three afternoon bear hunts...and came home with one of the new 30-inch barreled Traditions VORTEK Ultra Light LDR models still loaded. While I never even saw a bear during the weekend hunt, I hunted confidently...knowing if I did spot a bear feeding in one of the grassy valleys I watched over, and could have slipped to within 200 yards, that the rifle and load would reach out and put the shot exactly where it needed to go.

The Group Shot The Day Before Heading Out...
When the above target is overlayed on the target at right, the lower holes on each nearly superimpose. The target at right was the 100-yard target punched when sighting the rifle, load and scope for the hunt. The first shot on the target above was to empty the rifle...and to check the point of impact before starting my annual "50 Consecutive Shot Test". I then put 8 clicks of elevation on the Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML scope to move the group up a bit more to insure that an enlarged hole from that many rounds would not destroy my aiming point.

The next hole in the target was somewhere near the center of the gaping hole which 49 shots passed through. The one "flyer" just above the cluster of holes could have been "operator error". But even when a set of calipers are used to measure what is "center-to-center" between the dots seen in the single hole and the farthest bullet cut at the bottom of that grouping of the other 49 shots, ALL 50 SHOTS GROUPED INSIDE OF 1.5 INCHES!

And, that's pretty remarkable when one considers that, prior to firing the 51 shots on the target, the rifle was still pretty much "brand new"...with altogether less than 200 rounds fired through it.

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Posted by Toby Bridges

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