TECOMATE WHITETAIL NATION TV Series - To Feature One of Biggest Non-Typicals Ever Filmed

January 6, 2020 – SAN ANTONIO, TX – Tecomate Whitetail Nation (TWN) first aired on Outdoor Channel in January 2011. Since then, the series has informed and entertained viewers with exciting hunts across America for big whitetails and showcased the properties we hunt, the management strategies in place and the people behind the success. TWN’s overriding goal has always been to show viewers what’s possible with sound management and, hopefully, help them move a little closer to realizing the dream of owning and managing their own slice of deer country.

Airing in the 1st and 2nd Quarters on Outdoor Channel, TWN reaches millions during the first half of the year when many real estate and game management decisions are made. TWN pairs with our 3rd and 4th Quarter flagship TV series, The Bucks of Tecomate (BoT), now in its 14th season, to provide a powerful year-round presence in the outdoor TV market. Both TWN and BoT are hosted by renowned author/whitetail manager David Morris and biologist Mark Newell, along with field hosts Hardy Jackson, David Shashy and food plot pioneer and Tecomate founder Dr. Gary Schwarz.

Tecomate’s TV has been long known for giant bucks, many of which are filmed on ranches managed under the Tecomate Management System. Dozens of these big bucks have topped the record-class mark of 170. Some have scored way north of 170, even up to the almost unimaginable size of 230! But in the 2019 hunting season, the near-impossible happened – soon after daylight on Monday, December 16, hunter Bob Carnes from Orlando, Florida, harvested a non-typical buck on Dr. Gary Schwarz’s La Perla Ranch that green-scored an astounding 290-plus points!

“We know the Tecomate Management System grows giants, but NO ONE – not me, not Gary, not Mark, nobody – expected a 290-point buck to show up!” says show host and Tecomate Properties owner David Morris. “The odds of growing a wild Texas deer to that size are incalculable, even under the best management. But leave it to management guru Gary Schwarz to do the impossible!”

“When I first bought La Perla back in 2005, the deer were stressed and scrawny.” Gary remembers. “We were hard-pressed to find a buck topping 140. Though I had water to irrigate food plots (which is why I bought La Perla), I wasn’t sure we could ever grow giants like we had on Tecomate Ranch. It took some time, but once the food plot nutrition fully kicked in, the deer started to get better and better. In a short few years, we were growing “Tecomate” kind of bucks. Every year since, they have gotten bigger and bigger. Now, we have bucks of the size I never imagined, even bigger than we ever grew on Tecomate Ranch! But I never dreamed of producing anything like a 290!”

Gary’s son and La Perla manager, Blair Schwarz said, “A few years ago, a promising non-typical buck showed up on a Reconyx Camera. He looked 4½ but we had no history on him. Of course, we looked out for him, but during the next couple of years, we never saw him on the helicopter survey and only caught him a couple of times on Reconyx or while hunting. Then in the fall of 2018, he was fairly regular on one of our food plots…and he was monstrous! After mounting a search party, we eventually found both sheds. He scored just under 250! Since we thought he was at least 6½ in 2018, we decided to go after him the next year. But in 2019, there was no sign of him on the helicopter survey or Reconyx Cameras. We all thought he was dead…until I finally saw him in early December. His size was beyond anything I had ever seen! We scrambled to set up a hunt.”

That lucky hunter was Bob Carnes, who had this to say, “I jumped at the chance to hunt a wild native buck of this size. Such an opportunity just does not come along. I got there as fast as I could. Blair and I hurried to where he had last been seen. On the second day, he showed. He was massive! Even though the buck was only 140 yards away, the shakes made it one of the difficult shots I’ve ever made! When he went down, I was both relieved and elated! When we got to him, Blair and I were in awe. He was even bigger than we thought!”

“I never imagined growing a 290-plus buck,” Gary said. “I know some are going to wonder whether this is a “pen” buck.” He is not! He is a native South Texas buck, the unexpected culmination of over 40 years of devoting my life to deer management and a blessing from God!”

To hear the whole story about the exciting hunt for this monster La Perala Ranch non-typical, tune into Tecomate Whitetail Nation on Sundays through June at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Outdoor Channel.

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For more information on Tecomate TV or Tecomate Properties, LLC, go to http://www.tecomateproperties.com or e-mail Wayne Cameron at waynecameron@theranchgroup.com and let us help you find your dream property.

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