Leupold’s Custom Dial System – A Long-Range Shooting Solution

Have you ever had that trophy of a lifetime show up in your sights, but he’s just too far away for you to shoot? Hunters looking for an affordable scope with long-range capabilities don’t have to look any longer. Leupold has come out with the Custom Dial System, the first custom bullet-drop compensation system in a compact, scabbard-friendly package.

“Hunting big game in Africa to antelope in Wyoming, these scopes are for real. Range your target, click the dial to range mark, hold dead on, and let fly,” said David Morris, Co-Host of Bucks of Tecomate and Tecomate Whitetail Nation.

The CDS comes with a standard dial marked in 1⁄4 MOA increments for those wanting the ability to easily make elevation adjustments out in the field. If you want to take long-range accuracy to the extreme, just provide the Leupold Custom Shop with your ballistics information and they will send you a replacement dial precisely matched to your exact ballistics profile.


“Once we get good information from the user about the ammunition they are shooting, we can get anywhere from 500 to 800 yards in one turn of the dial for most standard hunting calibers,” said Leupold’s Marketing Communication Specialist John Snodgrass.

Large markings make the dials easy to read in any lighting conditions, and there’s even a stop ball to prevent you from accidently dialing below where you want to be.

“The dial-stop helps you not go under or over-rotate past your initial zero or go more than one full turn. So you never have to worry about being a turn of the dial off,” said Snodgrass.

The CDS scope also helps hunters take a lot of the learning curve of trying to hold Kentucky elevation or trying to use the ballistic reticle where you have to be up on a certain magnification.

“It doesn’t matter what the magnification the scope is set on. You’re using the adjustments in the scope to compensate for the drop of the bullet, so it’s a very easy and effective system. You always have a defined aiming point to use out to those extreme distances,” said Snodgrass.


The other great thing about the CDS is it’s one less thing to worry about while hunting. If you know the distance with a good rangefinder, all you have to do is dial up to whatever distance the animal is located and pull the trigger.

“I killed an antelope last year with my CDS scope at 500 yards. So the System definitely works. My guide ranged him at 494 yards, so I just dialed up to the 5, held dead on and with one shot that was it,” said Snodgrass.

The dials are currently available on select models of VX-2, VX-3, VX-3L, VX-R, and all of Leupold’s new premier line of VX-6 Models. They can also be retrofitted to many existing models through the Leupold Custom Shop.

***Between now and March 31st, if you buy any CDS scope you get two free dials instead of just one dial. For more information please visit http://www.leupold.com or call the Leupold Custom Shop at 1-800-LEUPOLD (538-7653)

Additional Information: CDS scope

Posted by David Segrest

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