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Top 10 Hunting Tips for Taking Kids Hunting
by Terry Sedivec

As a father of two young kids, 9 and 10, taking a child hunting is the most rewarding opportunities in the field whether you fill the tag or not.  I started my kids young into hunting and enjoying the outdoors.  My son took his first deer when he was just 5 years old and my daughter took her first when she was 6 years old. My son converted from a 20 gauge youth slug shotgun to a Hoyt Rampage when he turned 8 years old.  I’ve experienced several learning experiences…

Tecomate Seed Planting Guide - Part I
by David Morris

One of our most frequently asked questions is “How do I plant Tecomate products and how should I manage them for best performance.” Of course,…

The Importance of Continued Data Collection
by Cody Zabransky

Data Collection, they are two words, which often go unheard by many deer hunters.  Depending on where you hunt, as the season fires up or…

Deer Behavior: Buck Dispersal
by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson

Buck dispersal is not only an interesting deer behavior; it can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your deer management program. …

Tecomate Bucks of La Perla 2012 – Part 2
by David Shashy

The north wind blew at sunrise on the day that would end in success with the taking of my wide flaring La Perla 12. And…

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Bucks of Tecomate Episode – Kansas Part 2 - Giant of Giants

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Tip #32 – Hunt Comfortable

From your hunting clothes and boots to your tree stand, the more comfortable you are the more time you will be able to stay in the field. The more time you stay in the field the more chances you will have at that buck of a lifetime.


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