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Laying Out Your Food Plots - Part II
by David Morris

Distribution And Size
Ok, you have a handle on the total acreage of food plots needed, but how many plots do you need, what size should they be and where should they go. You can’t really answer any of these questions without giving thought to the others since they’re all related and interdependent. The number of plots depends in part on what size they are, and vice versa. And, in areas with limited tillable land, the distribution of the tillable land and how much of it there is at…

The Perfect, Private, and Plain Hunting Plot
by Mark Newell

One late afternoon in central Mississippi I was sitting in one of my favorite food plots hidden deep in the pine jungles of leased timber…

What are the Potential Negatives of Supplemental Feeding? - Part V
by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson

Potential Negatives of Supplemental Feeding
Although there are many positive aspects to a supplemental feeding program, there are also several potentially negative aspects.  Thanks…

Solving the Buck Movement Mystery - Part IV
by Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson

Yearling Bucks versus Mature Bucks
In the previous article I discussed Dr. Stephen Webb’s study on how water availability and protein feeders affected mature…

Sentinel Limpopo Safari Chronicle, Zimbabwe Africa August/September 2011
by David Shashy

Tecomate’s David Morris booked his return to Zimbabwe’s Sentinel Limpopo safari area for August/September 2011. He would stalk “Bucks of Zimbabwe”, the spiral horn antelope…

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Tip #9 - Use Trail Cameras to Locate Trophy Bucks

Place trail cameras, like the Reconyx Hyperfire Series in your hunting areas during late summer. 

Maintain these cameras religiously to identify all of the “shooter” bucks in your areas. 

Then develop and implement strategies, and place stands, to hunt each of these bucks separately.


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